Today would have been my brothers 61st birthday.

I say 'would have' because cancer took him almost 5 years ago. How is this Inspirational…? After all I pass on Inspirational quotes every morning and this is the 'Inspiration Morning' blog!?

Well, it is about how he lived his life that mattered. Inspiring: that is how I consider him. With all of life's many obstacles that he was given; the joy he found was evident. I am tearing up now and he would rather I not… but he is missed. I know that he would rather I keep up with my life and not feel sad. You see, we had that discussion.

So, the next time I feel sorry for myself or think that 'I can't'. I'll remember my brother who did not get to live out all his dreams. But he never gave up and kept up his positive attitude.

He knew he was blessed for all he had. So, live each day as it is all you have; because it is. We are not promised tomorrow and yesterday is never again.

Happy Birthday Kenny!