In the morning he shall devour the prey and in the evening he shall divide the spoils In the morning Devour something throw your whole self at something You’ll never know what you can do and what you can be until you throw your whole self at it, devour it I mean devour it don’t try it devour attack it Attack it, like you gonna kill it devour the prey and in the evening you divide the spoils. There is an old person down inside of you. That’s depending on you to be smart It’s the person you’re gonna be 30 40 years from now. Do not disappoint that person Where you gonna be in 10 years where you gonna be in 20 years? Without even knowing you I can tell you where you gonna be Tell me what you’re choosing right now because the choices you make today will determine where you will be tomorrow Not the choices you make tomorrow The choices you make today Will determine where you’ll be tomorrow and smart people wise people are always asking the question What do I need to do today to get me where I need to be tomorrow? But you got to start something you got to give God something to put his finger on That Midas Touch where it turned into something You got to let your imagination go You got to let your imagination fly as wild as it can fly without being constricted by the confines of where you live What color you are what sex you are how much money you make and what your degrees say You got to let your imagination fly beyond that you got to go for it You got to step out on faith, and you got to go for it.

Oh, and did I mention you got to pray Don’t want to leave that out You got to pray you got to use prayer You got to talk to God You got to use faith You gotta have some conferences with him late at night Early in the morning in the middle of the afternoon when you on the train when you driving You got to talk to God man.

You got to get yourself some help along the way nothing is bigger than prayer There is nothing bigger than prayer Do what you can do But start man just get started today Stop delaying it every time you put it off. You seem further away from it don’t you why won’t you start Let your imagination go open it up You know if you can’t imagine God sure can When God created you he put in you everything you need to fulfill your destiny God is a strategic God. He’s not random He didn’t just create you and say let’s see what they can do Let’s see what happens God is precise he’s intentional down to the smallest detail When he laid out the plan for your life. He carefully studied it He thought about what you would need what it would take to get you there He gave you the talent you need the creativity the strength you’re the right size You have the right looks the right personality the right family you didn’t get shortchanged you are fully loaded and Completely equipped for the race that’s been designed for you Now quit wishing you were something different if I had a better personality then I could do something great If I came from a different family if I wasn’t so small Joel Have a new perspective if you needed to be taller God would have made you taller if you needed a different personality He would have given you one if you needed to be another nationality you would be another nationality God doesn’t make mistakes You’re not faulty you have been fearfully and wonderfully made now don’t go around feeling Shortchanged like somehow you’re lacking You didn’t get enough you can’t do what they can do If you didn’t get what somebody else has that means you don’t need it Quit comparing yourself and run your race Be who God created you to be You are an original You have something to offer the world that nobody else has Let your gift shine show your talent your personality your style We don’t need an imitation.

We don’t need a copy we need the original you .

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