This summer has been about change for me. I always believe change is good; yet can be very hard. I've started to call some of the changes 'Weeding' out my Life'. 

Everything needs some 'Weeding' from time to time to make room for the Flowers in your life.

Weeds- Are you just not happy doing what you are used to making you feel good? Or maybe it's a friend or co-worker who you need to sit down and ask for some changes in your relationship? Is there something that takes up all of your time and you resent every minute of it? They are what I call 'Weeds'.

Weeds can be trimmed or pulled to make you happier with your life. 'Weeds' tend to overtake the choices that you want to make for your betterment and choke out the plan that you've sown.

Short term it is not easy. Long term it feels wonderful to put the plan for your life in action. 

It is Your life; Be Happy!