I wrote this article about one 18 months ago; I need it now more than ever. A few days ago I learned that I am being laid off at the end of the month.

I love goals and have always worked hard on achieving them. Now, more than ever again I need to set some goals for myself and work to make them happen. I want different and more for my life and now it is the time to go for it!

Why is setting goals so important?

Well to start, if you want to fully work the Law of Attraction and Law of Abundance, the setting of goals is very necessary.

The work of setting goals means that you are ready to start letting
good things into your life. This will allow the Laws of Attraction and
Abundance start working for you. Goals are what you catch your dreams
with; they make them possible.

If you are not used to setting goals then here are some ways to get you started:
1. You need to learn to set goals.
Yes, learn to set them. It is not always something that we humans innately know how to do and accomplish.

So, the process of setting goals is multi step course of action. First,
take some time for yourself and get away from distractions and
influences. It is ok to learn to dream again and get acquainted with
the real you.

2. Goal setting is the creative part of designing your life and the most
important. Think of setting goals as an itinerary for a trip you want
to take. You know where you are starting and where you want to go;
goals get you from here to there. Think about it, if you start your
trip from home, and go to London and are then traveling to Paris;
before you leave home you must know how you are travelling to Paris
(train, plane, or bus).

Goals are the getting to Paris part…

You are going to have to do some inner work for setting goals to
become natural for you. It never fails to amaze me that most people
spend more time planning a vacation than their own life. You deserve to
put in as much time as you need into planning your goals for the

When I need to discover what I want; I like to start by going to my
favorite coffee shop and just enjoying my coffee. I try not censoring
my thoughts and then I like writing in my journal. Eventually, you will
see more and more what you like to daydream about is a possible goal to

But I do understand that it is hard to ask for what you want. Also,
there are those who want to influence us on how to live our life, but
we must each choose how to live for ourselves.

You have to get ready to accept what you want in your life. Change, no
matter how good for you or how much you want it and great you think it
will be for you, requires you to do something. Doing your inner work of
getting to know yourself better will enable you to endure any bumps in
the road. And yes, there will be a few bumps weather you have goals set
or not.

The Laws of Attraction and Abundance require action to turn possibility
into reality. Doing your inner work and learning how to set goals puts
you on the road to your dreams coming true.