What I’m going to do is share with you share with you some amazing information about happiness. Because there are 2 ways of being that can create more happiness from the inside.

It’s not too hard to do.

Here are those 2 things.
1. Practice Gratitude
Be grateful for little things. Write it out or have a time each day where you stop to Meditate.
Also, think of people in your life. A friend who has brought you happiness in the days before or that you’ve had lunch together. Something that was one on one because that gives you that connections.

2. Practice Random Acts of Kindness
I love random acts of kindness! Be nice. Give yourself credit when you do something nice. Because I know this there’s a little voice inside you that says you are so….. fill in the blank. Stop the negative voices.
So prove that voice wrong by doing something nice such as opening the door for someone or buy the person behind you in line their coffee.
Be the random act of kindness for someone.

So, start to look at your Gratitude with Social Connections and Random Acts of Kindness. And we begin to put rituals into our lives that remind us to be happy and spread happiness.

Nothing is easy at first but as you get more practice it becomes easier and more natural way of being.